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The future of secure identities

Unlock your Identity programs to unleash the hidden power of your business. Build a secure tomorrow with IAM, IGA and PAM solutions.

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The future of identity access management

We support you in your IAM journey by simplifying your IAM landscape, introduce and implement state of the art IAM solutions and guide your organistion into the new world of security.

European gateway for IAM professionals

The first European IAM Talent Pool where customers can tap into a pool of qualified and highly trained IAM talents.

Highest standards

Setting the highest possible standards for the entire organization. Clients acknowledge the deliverd quality


Trust stars but focus on Authority. All people need to perform. Creating an environment which makes it possible to perform.

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AspisID delivers IAM simplicity efficiency and security

AspisID delivers professionals like project managers, business analysts and Identity & Access Management consultants. The experts will seamlessly join the existing teams. Our academy provides IAM/PAM training programs to acquire the basic skills and theoretical foundations for managing the IAM solutions and implement daily.

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How we make an impact

/ Argos Monitoring
Real-time monitoring of One Identity Manager via Argos

Argos is a monitoring tool for any One Identity
Manager Installation with a turnkey solution and preconfigured intelligence that can be tailored as needed. Try the solution yourself and see how it will save support costs and reduce incidents impacting the business.

/ Identycore
A fully managed IAM & PAM solution

Identycore is a fully managed IAM & PAM service against competitive, pay as you go prices. Fast and efficient access to information is crucial for your business continuity. You want to be sure that access to business-sensitive information is arranged correctly in your systems. 

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One Identity UNITE Madrid 2023
Executive Lunch “IAM as a service”
Cycling Amstelgold Race
Executive round table “securing identities in the finance market”