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Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Argos?

Argos detects One Identity manager specific issues before they become actual incidents that impact your business. EG without Argos a failed job during the night or the weekend will only be noticed the next working day by the end-users when they can’t use certain resources or an account is not created for a new joiner. This creates extra work for the service desk and the IAM support team as they need to find the issue that caused the incident and solve it, all while dealing with unhappy end-users. By using Argos you can prevent these incidents and reduce support costs as you are now notified in time so you can solve these issues proactively.

Are you able to solve the detected issues with Argos?

No. Argos only detects issues, creates an alert and notifies the support team. The support team needs to log into One Identity Manager or needs to contact the responsible departments to solve the issue. As soon as the issue is solved Argos closes the alert automatically as the rule is no longer triggered.

Does Argos exfiltrate any data from the One Identity database ?

No. There is no data exfiltration. How? The agent (which is installed on premise,) shares ONLY the UID of the rule with the Argos cloud and not the actual data.

Is it possible to integrate Argos with our enterprise monitoring tool or ITSM tool?

Yes, Argos can open and close alerts in your ITSM tool via a webservice.

How long does it take to implement Argos within our organisation?

Argos is a turnkey solution with pre-configured intelligence that can be tailored if needed. This allows you to install, configure and be up and running in less than a day.

In terms of GDPR, does Argos store and process personal data and if so how is this done?

In order to notify support teams Argos requires some personal identifiable information of the support team such as: First name, Last name, E-mail address and phone number (optional). Even though the Argos agent is deployed on premise and no personal identifiable information can be exfiltrated to the Argos cloud service. Support teams need to register themselves in the cloud service to receive notifications. Argos is only aware of this information and this is not visible or accessible by anyone else that is using Argos. It’s only stored for notification purposes, A data processing agreement will be signed between AspisID and the parties involved in supporting the One Identity Manager installation(s) to meet GDPR requirements.