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Real-time monitoring One Identity Manager

Argos is a monitoring tool for any One Identity Manager Installation with a turnkey solution and preconfigured intelligence that can be tailored as needed. Try the solution yourself and see how it will save support costs and reduce incidents impacting the business. Argos is an official One Identity Manager integration

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Prevent issues before they become bigger problems.

Argos allows monitoring One Identity Manager in an effective, modern and scalable way. It can prevent incidents from/to end-users by promptly detecting any malfunctioning and coordinate the effort of the supporting teams. Plus, it can provide an overview and statistics of the health status of the system.

Reduce your costs

Reduces your support costs by at least 30%.

Monitoring Intelligence

Has specific One Identity Manager monitoring intelligence.

Easy to use

Argos is easy to install, use and configure.

Monitoring the health status of the system

Argos fixes the problem by performing extensive monitoring of multiple metrics real-time, periodically and 24/7. Any problem of the system is automatically detected, a notification is sent to the support team and the issue is quickly resolved before it has an impact on the organization.

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Realtime monitoring of your One Identity Manager solution via Argos

Argos monitors the health status of all your One Identity Manager installations with a turnkey solution and preconfigured intelligence that can be tailored as needed. Additionally, it enables effective support processes while providing a management overview of the support lifecycle. In the end, Argos makes the support on One Identity Manager more efficient, effective and integrates with your own ITSM or SIEM. 

Detection techniques Argos

One Identity Manager requires continuous checking and monitoring to make sure processes are running as expected. These checks can only be performed via One Identity Manager tools. Support teams have to continually check if everything is fine, and might still miss problems since not all of them are obvious and some may occur outside working hours or in the weekend.

Secure the capabilities of your environment

One Identity Manager is an extensive tool but does not have automated monitoring capabilities. It’s possible to address some of the controls from the “inside”, but others can only be checked from the “outside” (e.g. who controls the controller?). External monitoring is needed to secure the performance of your environment.

IAM processes might be delayed

Expected SLAs in provisioning and removing access might not be met when One Identity Manager is not working correctly. Approval workflows might stop. Data may not be fresh (e.g. HR feed not working, new employees are not able to work), IT Shop might not be accessible for end-users, connectors to the target systems are not up to date, etc.

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Monitoring the health status of the system

Argos addresses the problem by performing extensive monitoring of multiple metrics real-time, periodically and 24/7. Based on the criticality of the metric, notifications are sent to right support teams when needed so that they can connect and solve the issue before the organization and end-users are impacted.

Support is informed

The Argos agent runs on-premise and connects to the One Identity Manager database with read-only permissions. The agent can detect issues based on single sampling (e.g. the system is blocked) or based on trends (e.g. queue sizes are growing over the past 30 minutes). If a problem is detected, the agent notifies the Argos cloud service. Argos notifies support teams based on criticality and type of problem so that the right engineer can address the issue. Once the issue is solved, the agent closes the alert in the cloud, so that all the relevant stakeholders are aware that the problem is gone.

Build by One Identity experts

Argos is unique. All other monitoring solutions in the market are generic. Argos is created and built by One Identity experts. Argos is tailored around the needs of One Identity support people who want to work more efficient and effective. There is no similar monitor solution so specific for One identity as Argos.

Turnkey Solution that can go live in a day!

When Argos is installed, automation scripts make sure that the configuration procedure runs quickly. Multiple controls can be loaded with a few clicks and will let you have the controls you need in place within a few hours, just by using these automated scripts. This means that you don’t have to wait! Once it’s installed and your controls are in place, it can be used straight away!

Ιntegration with Teams, WhatApp, ITSM or SIEM

Argos’ integration with Teams and WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to be notified when an issue occurs. The architecture of Argos is simple and consists of one (or more) agents that are connected to the cloud. When an issue occurs, the cloud sends alerts to notify the employee that is assigned to that specific task. With this integration, these notifications can be sent directly to your WhatsApp and Teams account, so you can be notified immediately anytime and anywhere!
At the same time a ticket can be created in your ITSM or send to your SIEM for registration.

Reports that help you improve constantly

Argos produces reports that are extremely useful for your development teams. By creating reports with previous alerts that your teams have received, you are able to recognize which issues need to be fixed and start working on them! What type of alerts do you receive? How often do these issues occur? These are questions that need to be answered. With the reporting that the Argos monitoring tool offers, you can now set your priorities to fix important problems that otherwise can be overlooked easily.

Along with the tool, comes the logic

Based on the experience we’ve gained on previous installations, we keep on developing controls that we make available to you, so you can upload them into your system without the need of thinking and implementing them by yourself. Knowing the most frequent problems users may face with One Identity Manager, rules are created that can diagnose possible issues and create alerts based on criticality.

Constant Support

Our support team is always available to you, reacting immediately to any issues you may face. Providing constant support, you can feel reassured that any issues you might face, are solved quickly. What else? We deliver new features and improvements on a regular basis, making sure your Argos installation stays up to date and keeps delivering the valuable insights you need.

Workflows for effective support

Argos provides a concrete solution for monitoring the health status of your One Identity Manager installations with the utilization of workflows. More specifically, users are assigned to specific alerts and are notified when an issue occurs. Based on the criticality of the metric, notifications are sent to the right support team(s), day or night, so that they can connect and solve the issue straight away, before the organization and end-users are impacted. When the issue is resolved, the alert closes automatically.

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