Real-time monitoring of your One Identity Manager solution via Argos

Argos monitors the health status of any One Identity Manager installation. With a turnkey cloud solution and preconfigured intelligence. The monitoring solution Argos reduces support effort significantly.

Prevent incidents, improve support

Argos allows to monitor One Identity Manager in an effective, modern and scalable way. Prevent incidents from/to end-users by promptly detecting any malfunctioning. Coordinate the effort of the supporting teams in improving their service. Provide an overview and statistics of the health status of the system.

Detection techniques Argos

Argos provides an overview and statistic of the health status of the system by using different detection techniques. Detection techniques which Argos uses:

    One-time detection:
  • A specific frozen job

  • Time-based detection:
  • A DBQueue task is running for more than X minutes (e.g. wait for compiler)
  • Approver calculation in ITShop takes more than X minutes for the last hour

  • Trend detection:
  • DBQueue is constantly growing in the last X minutes

You can’t control everything

It’s possible to address some controls from the “inside” but some other can only be check from the “outside” (e.g. how do you know that the controller is actually controlling since it’s part of the system?).

What happens?

Expected SLAs in provisioning and removing access might not be met. Approvals workflows might stop. Data may not be fresh (e.g. HR feed not working, new employees are not able to work).

ROI on Argos

Argos saves time and effort for One Identity support teams because the monitoring of the health of One Identity is handled by Argos. We have measured a 30% reduction in effort to support the one identity solution because the complete monitoring of the health of the system is managed by Argos.

How does it work?

The agent detects that something is wrong based on customer tailord rules and notifies the cloud service.

The cloud service contacts the support team based on notification rules (e.g. push notifications during the day to support team, robot call during the night to the standby team).

The support team connects to the environment and addresses the issue.

The agent detects that the issue is solved and closes the alert.

Argos is unique

There is no similar solution that:

Is easy to use and install


Has specific One Identity monitoring intelligence
Reduces your support costs
Provides an overall overview on the health of the system

Have you become interested in the Argos solution?

In a product demonstration we explain exactly how Argos works. This demonstration is completely free, there are no extra costs. Ask questions about the product directly and see how Argos can mean something for your organization!

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