Monitor your installation and get effective support?

Argos monitors the health status of a One Identity installation with a turnkey solution and preconfigured intelligence that can be tailored as needed. Argos also enables effective support processes while providing a management overview of the support lifecycle.

Do you efficiently support your customers?

Do you run into the problem that you don’t know how you can support customers efficiently? You need a manner to support them, but you don’t know how. The support resources are present, but lack a way to use the same resource on multiple clients.

Check manually

Support teams must constantly check that everything is in order and still encounter problems, since not all of them are obvious.

You can’t control everything

It’s possible to address some controls from the “inside” but some other can only be check from the “outside” (e.g. how do you know that the controller is actually controlling since it’s part of the system?).

What happens?

Expected SLAs in provisioning and removing access might not be met. Approvals workflows might stop. Data may not be fresh (e.g. HR feed not working, new employees are not able to work).

What if Argos is your solution?

Argos saves time and effort for support teams by performing extensive monitoring of multiple metrics periodically and 24/7. Performance metrics are checked continuously, and teams are notified only when needed.

How does it work?

An agent connects to the One Identity database with ‘read only’ permissions. The agents execute queries and the result are sent to the cloud service. Argos then notifies support teams based on single sampling (e.g. the system is blocked) or based on trends (e.g. queue sizes are growing over a 30 minutes time without ever going down).

Argos is unique

There is no similar solution that:

Is easier to use
Has specific monitoring intelligence for One Identity Manager
Helps in the support process so that only the right people connect to solve the problems right when it happens
Provides an overall overview on how the system behaves

How easily can you switch?

It’s a turnkey solution. A few days are needed for installation and metric tailoring and it’s up and running.

Have you become interested in the Argos solution?

In a product demonstration we explain exactly how Argos works. This demonstration is completely free, there are no extra costs. Ask questions about the product directly and see how Argos can mean something for your organization!

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