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Gartner has named One Identity a Leader

By 26 September 2018 No Comments

When we saw the Magic Quadrant and the evaluation of One Identity Manager as an Identity Governance and Access management (IGA) solution, we decide to act on that.

We (the founders of AspisID) are well-experienced Identity and Access Management experts, and we know well with the ins and outs of the One Identity Manager. We have implemented the solution successfully in several organisations, and we have a strong belief in our approach on how to make IAM implementations successful.

We looked at what Gartner had to say about the product pros and cons. We recognised the strengths of the solution: the strong capability of delivering value out of the box and the way to manage roles are some examples.

We also agreed with the statement regarding the lack of skilled resources that are capable of configuring the One Identity Manager solution. People are hard to find, and if you find them, they are costly. To address this challenge, we launched our office in Greece (Athens) and started to recruit young professionals with a university degree in IT and with the willingness to invest in the area of IT Security and more in particular: IGA. Based on our training program and the experience gathered on the job, these talents are now becoming junior/medior One Identity Manager consultant very quickly, and our customers love to work with them. Talented people for a fair price, guided by a team of seniors who understand the business that IAM is supporting.

Do you want to meet one of the talents? Please contact us by sending an email or contact us via LinkedIn.