Why an office in Greece?

As entrepreneurs we dreamed of building up a consultancy company. We did. We grew to 85 colleagues and became one of the Dutch leading brands in Talent Management. To this day, Young Colfield is still active. We dreamed of creating a SaaS technology company. We did. TruQu is influencing the market with Feedback & Performance management Technology. Finally, our dream was to have an international company with the headquarters based in a foreign country. That is how AspisID was born. AspisID is one of the fastest growing companies in the field of Identity and Access Management (IAM) with specialization in One Identity technology.

It’s all about entrepreneurship, taking your chances and a bit of luck. Two years ago my business partner Eelco Veltenaar and I came across one of the best European specialists in the field of One Identity implementations. His name is Ciro Guariglia. Together, we wanted to start a new company in the field of IAM with the desire of becoming the best European One Identity partner. Ciro came up with the idea to start the office in Greece: “I live in Athens. Besides the beautiful weather, the nice people and lovely food, it is the best decision to build up a new venture in Athens. No guts no glory, no $%^& no story”. So off we went, to Greece.

Two years later, we have a company in Athens with incredibly motivated people, that is part of an economic system which is growing, have a pool with the best talent and a network of highly educated people.

Why we are happy with Greece?

The economic crisis has made a lot of Greeks migrate abroad. About 130.000 highly educated people have left the country since 2010, according to a study funded by the London School of Economics. Many of the people prefer to go back to Greece. They want to be part of their family life, the economic system in Greece and have a much better quality of life. They are keen on helping setting up growing companies like AspisID and be part of it.


Greece is in the top EU rankings in tertiary education enrollment, and is a top 10 player in terms of availability of engineers. Education levels are extremely high. We came to the conclusion that we are a very attractive employer and it will give us a lot of opportunities for the future.


No, our move to Athens has nothing to do with Brexit. It has all to do with finding the best talent and motivated people.


The English language is common all over Athens. It is universal and many Greek talents have studied or worked abroad. All potential barriers to work closely together are knocked down.

Business opportunities

The entrepreneurial levels are high. Start-up scenes are growing. Market leaders in other countries are beaten. I believe this is just the start of a really nice future for Greece in general.

So, yes, you can look at the fast declining GDP of the last ten years. You can also look at the still high unemployment rate, but you can also take an initiative and make a change. With AspisID we made it to be one of the fastest growing One Identity partners in Europe with a significant potential to grow further the next years.

I am so proud of all the Greek colleagues, Georgina, Ciro, Panagiotis, Enri, Kristi, Thomas, Giorgos, George, Nikos, Constantinos, Spyros, Alexandros, to name a few. Let’s go and have a lot of fun!!!

Bart Kollau

Managing Partner & Co-founder

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