Building One Identity connectors efficiently

The AspisID ConnectorLab is a service provided by AspisID to deliver connectors between One identity manager and target systems in a standardized and transparent approach. The Connectorlab uses reusable and standardized components supplied by experts. The ConnectorLab provides ways of working in which we help customers to collect requirements quickly.

The ConnectorLab can deliver quick result

We help identify all the relevant stakeholders and gather the requirements in a standardized approach. This methodology will save everybody’s time and a lot of headaches. From a technical perspective, the ConnectorLab saves time, effort and money for the customer because the ConnectorLab can deliver quick and fast by using standardized components and a proven methodology to deliver results.

Lack of ownership of systems

Many organizations lack structured ownership of their applications. This is caused by changes in the personnel structure (e.g. leavers, transfers). Our methodology will look for the correct ownership to get the real requirements from a business perspective.

No experts within the organization

To find system owners, to gather requirements and to build connectors, you need experts. These experts are not available within organizations. The ConnectorLab will provide you with all the expertise you need to get the job done.

Unmanaged systems

Being incompliant and having systems being unmanaged. This will lead to extra security threats. The ConnectorLab will help you in getting in control of these systems from internal abuse.

The ConnectorLab saves time, effort and money

The ConnectorLab helps organizations in a standardized and straightforward approach by increasing the speed and by limiting the costs for connecting applications to One Identity Manager.

A transparent process

  • Categorize the complexity of the connector (simple, medium and complex) of the applications;
  • Identify stakeholders, gather the requirements and make estimations;
  • Build and test;
  • Document;
  • Implement;
  • Support during the life cycle of the connector.
The ConnectorLab is a transparent process. Progress, impediments and results can be followed on a daily base by monitoring the Jira boards.

ConnectorLab is unique

The connectorLab combines business skills, change management, One Identity knowledge, development and support skills into one single service.