Employee Lifecycle

Identicore consists of 4 standardized service modules which include everything you need for that particular area of identity and access management. These modules are all supported by the 4 underlying infrastructure components. It doesn’t matter if you need one service module or all of them, the infrastructure components will always be included. We continuously keep the service modules and infrastructure components up to date with the latest innovations and best-practices. Making sure that you always have the best possible managed service for your business.

Onboarding and Offboarding employees

By connecting to your HR system we will be able to create, update and disable digital identities for your employees based on the authoritative source for all employee data. With this direct connection you are able to on- and offboard employees faster, safer and more efficiently than ever before.

Update and Transfer

During an employee’s lifecycle, the digital identity will be subject to changes. An employee might be transferred to a new role, department or office building. These updates of the identity will be picked up automatically and we will make sure that your employee will receive the correct permissions to start in their new role and revoke their old permissions they are no longer entitled to. This way they will experience a smooth and secure transition to their new role.

External Resource Management

Not all of the digital identities within your company can be derived from your HR data. It can be the case that you have to hire an external consultant or you need to give access to your systems to a auditor or maybe a penetration tester. You can easily request an identity for these external resources through the IT-shop and we make sure that they receive the proper permissions to do their job. This way you can onboard and offboard external resources quick, easy and secure.

Birth right access

When new employees are ‘born’ within your organization, we will provide them with all the necessary resources and permissions that all employees need to do their job. These so called birth rights are determined based on the attributes of the new employees digital identity and will be added automatically. This can be triggered by their role, department or even an office location the employee is going to work at. This way an employee will have access to all their resources the day they start.