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Executive round table

Decision makers in the finance industry will discuss about the trend in securing identities. Share visons, share trends and acquire knowledge from others on how to implement good strategies.
/ Executive round table

About the event

The event will take 2 hours. A maximum of 10 people will attend. It is a round table so aatendees will sit togehter and really discuss together the topic. Challenges will be shared and possible solutions will be discussed. After the round table you can join a nice round of golf or follow a clinic. Round table 9-11 hours. Golf or clinic 11.30 – 13.30 hours.

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What you will learn

It is a “private” event and lots of discussions will take place. After 2 hours you have learned from others about their challenges but also possible solutions. It will be a session with strong discussions. After the round table you can enjoy a nice round of golf or learn through  clinic.

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