Hosting & licence​

With Identycore we provide you with standardized service modules while still offering flexibility in terms of licensing and hosting. This allows you to choose what is best for your situation and gives you the opportunity to benefit of only paying for the licenses you use.


We can host the Identycore managed service in your data center (On Premise) or we can take care of everything in the cloud, making sure you don’t have to manage the infrastructure yourself. Curious on how the architecture will look when we host it in our data centre? Please have a look below!


With Identycore we take care of all the licenses needed to deliver the service modules you wish to use and we do this based on the number of identities within your organisation. This way you will never pay to much for licenses that you don’t use. The following licenses are included if applicable for your chosen service modules.

One Identity Manager forms the base for our Identity Governance and Administration and is vital for our Employee lifecycle, Access lifecycle and Compliance and Reporting service modules. One Identity is a reliable, secure and future proof identity and access management solution which can unify security policies and satisfy governance needs — today and long into the future. Besides One Identity Manager we also take care of the licenses for One Identity Safeguard, which we use for our privileged access management service module. Click the logo for more information about One Identity.

In order to provide you with the best possible monitoring we developed the monitoring tool Argos. Argos is a monitoring tool specifically built for any One Identity Manager Installation. It’s a turnkey solution and has preconfigured intelligence that can be tailored as needed. It will monitor the health of your One Identity installation and notifies support staff about any pending and active performance issues. By doing so it greatly reduces incidents impacting the business as we have the opportunity to solve them before it has a chance to be noticed by the business. Click the logo for more information about Argos.

Tech Data is our partner for the hosting, Azure environments and 24/7 technical support on our high availability infrastructure supporting our IAM and PAM services around the globe.