Life at AspisID


Working for AspisID was exciting from the first minute! Some random guys in a small office in the centre of Athens working together, traveling together, growing together, becoming friends and trying to achieve something as Junior IAM Consultants for a huge organization like Rabobank. In the end we made it and now, after two and a half years, we achieved, under the guidance of our mentor, to become important members of the OneIdentity DevOps team of Rabobank in the Netherlands. Living a life separated between two countries is hard and fun at the same time. It's a great chance for young employees just out of university to kickstart their career. You have the opportunity to work with experienced people in IAM and OneIdentity and gain as much knowledge as you can from a technical and business perspective. Also, one of the best part, is the relationship we have with each other. We have fun, share knowledge, help each other, share moments together! I am really happy to watch AspisID grow more and more every day and I know that big things are coming our way in the future!
Georgina Terkidagli
- Identity & Access Management Consultant


I still remember the flight to the Netherlands to join my very first project as a Junior (back then) IAM consultant. Two plus years since that day at AspisID and the learning curve never ends.
Every day has become a new challenge in discovering the best practices for "connecting" high IAM business levels with technical OneIdentity granular levels. What I personally enjoy the most, is keeping the system up and running. Solving sudden malfunctions that may arise in a fast and efficient way, I make sure no employee encounters unexpected authorization issues during his or her workday.
Best way to describe the working environment: flexible and enjoyable. From "working from home" when needed to enjoying beers with the whole team every Friday night, you forget the "strict" company rules in which many people may be used to.
Discovering the world within global-placed projects, contributing to a more robust IT security posture in enterprise level and enjoying good times with good "company"...I couldn't ask for more!
Panos Georgakopoulos
- Identity & Access Management Consultant


I've been an IAM consultant for AspisID since it began operating in Greece in 2018. The company's visionary perspective has given all its employees opportunities to broaden both their professional and personal horizons, through constant training and various projects.
All these, combined with a friendly atmosphere create a great working environment.
Being a travelling enthusiast, I would have to say that travelling, although exacting, is one of the best elements of the job for it gives me the chance to work together with other people abroad and expand culturally.
Dimitrios Kalfas
- Identity & Access Management Consultant


AspisID is a great place to grow and develop both professionally and personally.
Here, I have the opportunity to work in a pleasant, motivating, humancentric and multicultural environment. Our goal is to deliver high quality Identity and Access Management solutions and meet our customers needs.
All these years are full of memorable moments and experiences we have shared with great colleagues and I feel really proud to be part of the AspisID family.
Thomas Zagkas
- Identity & Access Management Consultant


I am a recent member of the AspisID family and consider myself lucky to have been given full trust since day one and freedom to express my ideas and put them into practice. My colleagues are awesome and always there to provide assistance and support and Management has an open door policy so we all feel like equals. The best part about my job is the chance to help people work in the best way possible and make sure they are happy and taken well care of. At AspisID we are all given room to grow and work is never dull since every day we get to learn something new!
Georgia Papaioannou
- Scrum Master


Being an IAM Consultant for AspisID since 2018, I can only say that every day counts and is different - you get the opportunity to collaborate with experienced colleagues on major projects for leading companies in the Greek and foreign markets.
For me, the most important reason I enjoy my work is the friendly working environment. Being at home or at the office, we are always able to maintain a balance between our personal and professional life. In addition to this, we get many opportunities to grow and develop our knowledge skills.
I thoroughly enjoy working with my colleagues in such a collaborative atmosphere and I am really happy to be a part of this company.

Giorgos Vlassopoulos
- Identity & Access Management Consultant


I started my career at AspisID 2 years ago as an IAM Consultant and as soon as I got familiar with the environment, I immediately embraced it.
The company has a very engaging way to help kickstart your career by offering a variety of helpful material, mentoring and exposure to real life problems in the world of IAM.
Working as an IAM Consultant has proven to be a fun, challenging, and fulfilling experience, giving everyone the opportunity to advance in business IAM strategies, technical solutions, and the industry's best of practices. AspisID offers the perfect balance between a friendly and a professional environment, allowing people to shape their career paths within the company by continuous learning and self-improvement.
Enri Labi
- Identity & Access Management Consultant


Being a member of AspisID and working as an IAM Consultant for the last 2 years has proven to be a great learning and enjoyable experience.
A well-organized training and onboarding period awaits every new member of the company, learning how to implement IAM techniques and use One Identity Tools to manage accesses, accounts and identities for big organizations - for me it was the National Bank of Greece as a first project!
The most important incentive for me is the working environment. Flexible hours and the opportunity to work from home, amazing colleagues and drinks every Friday night makes the overall experience just perfect!
George Stathoudakis
- Identity & Access Management Consultant


For the past 2 years I have been lucky to work for an innovative and unique company like AspisID.
AspisID really stands out when it comes to business culture and is comprised by well-trained employees and managers - this tremendously helped my professional growth. On top of that, the excellent team of IAM consultants and friendly environment of the company as a whole really brings out the best in my work.
Kristi Durmishi
- Identity & Access Management Consultant