Support the complete life cycle

We deliver 24/7 functional and technical support on One Identity Manager from our office in Athens. We do this for customers in The Netherlands, in Greece and via partners in all other locations across the world.

Do you already have enough support for your solutions?

Do you run into the problem that you don’t know how you can support your One Identity Manager solutions? You need a manner to support the complete life cycle, but you don’t know how. There is a lack of qualified One Identity experts that are 24/7 available.

No experts available

You see that the experts who are available in the market right now, focus on the implementation of the solution and not on support for the whole life cycle of your solution.


It needs years of training to understand Identity Access Management and to understand the way One Identity Manager can support these processes with out of the box capabilities. Until now, you have not found anyone who fits.

The cost

In the end the cost on bad support is a lack of compliance and reducing the business value you can have when using One Identity products to support your IAM services.

What if we are your solution?

We solve the problem of the lack of qualified One Identity experts to support your One Identity Manager solutions throughout the complete life cycle 24/7.

How does it work?

We help our customers by delivering a managed service focussed on the support of One Identity Manager. Our people are trained to support One Identity Manager and can deliver high value for low cost so that the customers can focus on the product improvements. We help them with the day to day support of delivering IAM services.

Technical and functional

From our office in Athens we manage our customers remotely with 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support regarding One Identity. Incident and problem management process are used to manage the incoming issues or request (technical and functional). We also use our own monitoring tool (Argos) for pro-active support so that we can act on potential business impact before it occurs.

All our services are managed via SLA’s and we will be connected (directly or indirectly) to your ticketing system.

Have you become interested in functional and technical support on One Identity Manager?

Let us fully explain how Managed Services can mean something for your organization. Experience for yourself how managed services can lead to improvement in One Identity manager for low costs.