Monitoring & Support

Support is provided remotely from our competence centre in Athens, Greece. The geographical location enables us to easily accommodate all the time zones in the EMEA region so we can deliver support during regular business hours, without too much deviation of your local time zone.

Our support organisation follows the ITIL framework and guiding principle and is set-up in self-steering dev-ops teams. This way the team will know exactly what is going on in your IAM environment and can act quickly when needed. We can integrate to your ITSM tool making sure that incidents and changes can be assigned to our teams.

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support on the availability of our service making sure we’re available to you whenever and wherever to solve any issues you might encounter. We do this not by only having agents on call but also by running continuous monitoring on the environment using Argos. If an issue is discovered which has a high priority, it will immediately get assigned to one of our on call engineers so they can address it straight away.

3rd line support

We provide 3rd line support to all our clients as part of the standard package, meaning that our support agents are not contacted directly by your end-users in case of an incident, service request or request for information. Instead our support department will be in contact with the your IT ServiceDesk or a second line support department that is assigned this task.

Active monitoring

We actively monitor the health of your IAM environment using Argos, so if any issue occurs we will fix them before your employees or IT department even notices.

IAM data maintenance

We maintain your IAM data making sure it’s always up to date by fulfilling your service requests.