How to implement IAM in 2 months

In this article we highlight our 7 key success factors that will help you implement Identity and Access management within your organization in 2 months. This is based on our own experiences and lessons learned from previous IAM implementations combined with IAM best practices and our new service: “IAM as a Managed Service”.

1. Identify key business drivers for IAM

One of the most important things before you start an IAM implementation is the identification of the key business drivers behind it. You need to have a clear “Why” defined for each of the identified drivers and rate the drivers based on criticality and business value so you can determine the priority and scope of the implementation. Once you’ve determined the scope of the implementation and the priority of each key business driver, you need to identify the low hanging fruits. In other words, what key business driver will generate the most value and requires the least amount of effort. Map these against priority and feasibility to determine a roadmap for your IAM implementation.