Privileged Access Management Module

With privileged access management we make sure that your privileged accounts (Administrators and remote vendors) are secure and properly monitored to prevent any illegitimate actions. No more shared admin passwords or orphan admin accounts but full ownership and traceability. Making sure the keys to the kingdom are safe and only used in a secure manner by the right people for the right reasons and you’ll be able to proof it. 

Privileged session Management

With Privileged session management we make sure that administrator access to servers and applications is controlled and secure. You will be able to control, monitor and record privileged sessions of administrators, remote vendors and other high-risk users.

Privileged session recording

Record critical session for audit and security. With privileged session recording we allow you to monitor sessions live or access the footage later on for review. All content of the recorded sessions is indexed to make searching for events and automatic reporting simple so you can easily meet your auditing and compliance requirements.

Privileged Password Management

Manage and secure passwords to prevent improper use. Allowing you to automate, control and secure the process of granting privileged credentials with role-based access management and automated workflows. The easy to use UI will enable your privileged users to easily adopt this way of working and quickly access the systems they should have access to.

Privileged Analytics

Detect risk in your privileged users to prevent damage to your organization. Privileged Analytics monitors questionable behavior and uncovers previously unknown threats from inside and outside of your organization. By using user behavior analytics technology we are able to detect anomalies and rank them based on risk so you can prioritize and take appropriate action — and ultimately prevent data breaches.